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At Utah Truck & Trailer, we know that downtime equals money lost.  We have assembled a parts team that is committed to getting the right parts as soon as possible, eliminating unnecessary downtime.  Whether it’s parts in stock or hard-to-find car-hauler parts, we expedite the process to get your truck back on the road.  We are aware that repairs aren’t always needed during normal business hours, so we are staffed to accommodate anything that may come up.  Our dedicated employees are here to help from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm MST, with after-hours help available.


We Stock It -or- We Find It

  1. Bullet business phone: 801-866-0325

  2. Bullet after hours: 801-828-6939; 801-510-0129

  3. Bullet email:

Authorized Warranty Service Center

  1. BulletFully-Stocked Parts Department

  2. BulletSpecializes in Hard-to-Find Car-Hauler Parts

  3. BulletHydraulic Hoses and Fittings

  4. BulletA/C Hoses, Fittings, etc.

  5. BulletBelts

Parts Center